Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ponder This…

As believers of Jesus Christ we are given a task.  It’s not a task that comes with a heavy burden, but ultimately releases people from heavy burden. The task is to be an ambassador for Christ (2Cor 5:20), to be his representatives here on earth.  The introspective question for all of us is how well are we achieving this?

 If we take a step back and look at the whole picture, do we see results that are continuing to produce?  Ask yourself, am I doing my part in leading people to the truth that changed my own life?  Am I showing others around me the reflection of what Christ has done for me?  

How are we to effectively reach people in this day and age?  What is the secret? I believe the answers are in the actions of the most accomplished evangelist to walk the earth.

How did Jesus show evangelism?  How did he reach people? He reflected the heart of His father.  He was the perfect representation of the character of God.  That is the secret to effectively reaching this world for the kingdom of God. 

These days’ people aren’t interested in believing something just because we say it’s the truth.  They want to see the truth in action.  They need to see it to believe it.

So how do we make the absolute truth of Jesus relevant in our society?  If we share Jesus to people the Jesus way we are following the proven and guaranteed process.   

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