Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Vision To Die For

                I’ve heard it said, “without vision how can you know where you are headed?”   In leadership, vision is a must.  Before someone will follow your lead, they need to know that you are confident in the direction you are going.  That’s fair enough , isn’t it?

                         Pastor Bill Hybels spoke at a leadership conference a few years ago and talked about how important it is for a leader to “own” a vision.  His message was simple.  He asked, “Would you be willing to sacrifice deeply or even die for the vision God has placed in your heart?”  It’s almost impossible for any leader to hear that question and not be drawn to reflection.  

                        To put this idea into perspective, think about some of the greatest humanitarians in history; Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi and most recently Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Each one of these men paid the ultimate price to see their vision come to completion.  They understood deeply the severity and importance to see the end result of the vision that drove them through life.  

                        Hybels agrees and encourages leaders within the church to take ownership of the vision that has been placed on their heart.  Understand that it has been given to you for a reason; and that is to see it through to the end.

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