Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learning from the Past with C.J. Ortega

                When embarking on a new life adventure, such as leading a church, it’s not uncommon to expect success straight out of the gate.  Success being defined as progressively moving forward in the task God entrusted to you.  From what I’ve learned recently, both from experience and other Pastor’s testimonies, succeeding in your mission on the 1st attempt isn’t a guarantee.
                 I believe God calls individual people for specific responsibilities.  What I find interesting is the Greek meaning for the word “calling” in Ephesians 4.  The word used is klesis, which is defined as an invitation to the responsibilities God has assigned for you.  Just because someone is invited to accept these responsibilities doesn’t guarantee success from the start. 
                 There is something very beneficial from making mistakes in life.  Pastor C.J Ortega shared his thoughts “One lesson I’ve learned in church planting is that I don’t want to dismiss my past experiences when it went bad, because there is so much value in what you learn from those experiences.”  This notion of learning from your mistakes is very true, especially in ministry.  What I have found is that if things aren’t going the way we had hoped or planned, then it requires me to draw closer to God. 

                If God has entrusted us with specific responsibilities, then He also needs to be the source in which we gain direction.  I think God allows us to make mistakes, because in those mistakes it forces us to depend on Him and to trust Him so much more.  What I have learned is when I’m in that humble and vulnerable state, that is when he reveals Himself and teaches me how to overcome the adversity.   

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