Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shared Wisdom

       Recently, I had again the privilege of listening to older man speak to a classroom of young men and women.  In this classroom was a group of young adults who desire to live for God and serve Him in any way, shape or form.   The man’s name was Otto Wegner.  As we listened to him share what he has learned over many years of living a life in complete devotion to God I couldn’t help but be mesmerized at his wisdom.  

        It was difficult to take notes because listening with undivided attention was of more benefit.  He did however; share many of his own “proverbs” that he lives by.  I’d like to share them with you. 

·         Being obedient to Jesus is a mental issue.

·         In Gods economy, if you’re obedient, there is always a surplus.

·         When I work, I work.  When I pray, God works.

·         God didn't give so that we could keep.  It comes in the flow, not in the keeping. 

·         We teach what we believe, We reproduce who we are

·         The presence of God's people guarantees the presence of God.

·         Responsibility + Accountability= Maturity    

·         Almost anybody can't count how many seeds are in an apple, but we get to know a God who knows how many apples will come out of a seed.

          Think on these for awhile and see how they help you to look at things through God's perspective.  

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