Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lighten Up In Your Marriage

               I watched the introductory session of a marriage seminar the other day with a guy named Mark Grungor.  Mark is a pastor who leads marriage seminars designed in way that is non- threatening  to unbelievers .   

                His intention was to get people to laugh in their marriage, to see the humor and joy that exists between the differences in a man and woman.   The session was hilarious for me because I personally can relate most of what he was describing.

                This first session talked about the difference of mindset in a man and woman.  For example, men are able to do focus on one thing at a time and do it very well.  We compartmentalize each and every area of our life and each of those compartments has a name.  Women on the other hand can manage to do multiple things at a time.  Their “wiring” is that everything is connected somehow.    I’ve heard this put a different way before: men are like waffles (the syrup can only go into indivudal compartments) Women are like spaghetti (able to combine everything at once).

                 One of the “compartments” he talked about for men was the “nothing compartment”.  This is a sacred part of our brain that we hold very dear.  It is in this box where a man retreats from the chaos of the world around him.  And it’s true J I love that compartment.  It was interesting to see the non-verbal responses off the men in the audience.  For some, it looked like they were insulted that he would even bring this up.  It was funny.  And that was the point.  He encouraged us to “lighten up” in marriage, have fun with it and to see each other’s differences as an opportunity to get closer together.

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