Monday, March 5, 2012

Who Is This Man?

    The other day I watched a video entitled “The Jesus I Never Knew” by Philip Yancey.  The premise was to attempt and identify the personality of Jesus.  It was interesting and comical how the video brought to attention a number of movies with different interpretations of Jesus Christ. 

    What kind of man do you think Jesus was?  How did he carry himself?  What tone did he use in different circumstances? After thinking about it, this is the type of man I think Jesus was as he lived on earth as a human being.
-          One of the Guys. 
        I see him hanging out with his disciples (his closest friends) playing jokes on each other and enjoying the time they spent together acting like men do.

-          A Man of Joy.
        I see him as someone who could laugh and make people feel comfortable. 

-          Firm in What He Knew
        He knew what the truth was.  He was able to speak boldly and persuasively about the kingdom of heaven.

-          A Skilled Worker. 
        A man who knew how to work with tools and had a gift of craftsmanship.

-          An Explorer
        All the traveling he did over his lifetime and the respect he had for his Fathers creation.  How could he not enjoy discovering new places he had never stepped foot on.

-          A Spiritual Doctor
        A doctor specializing in the soul.  Knowing what people needed and how much of it they needed.  He would listen to the symptoms of people and give the remedies to it all.

These are just a few.  What kind of man was he to you?

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