Tuesday, November 15, 2011


            I had the opportunity to sit-in on an interview of a pastor who helped plant a church near Pittsburgh.  Pastor Rich Jones was a man who spent years searching for the exact setting that would inhabit his calling to be a pastor.  Through trial and error, he discovered the setting was to be established by himself.  Essentially, that he was to be a part of planting a church designed to incorporate all that he had been searching for in a pastoral role.  Creating the atmosphere that he wanted to see in a church.  

            Something interesting that he touched on was the influence his church had in the community.  Rich expressed to us that the Element Church had gained influence within the community over two years simply by reaching out with a heart that reflects Christ. 
            With an objective to lead people into a relationship with Christ, Rich and his team have put themselves in a prime position.  John Maxwell says “If you can influence people, you can lead them.  Or in other words, if you have the ability to influence people, then you have already begun to lead them.”

            I believe that Pastor Rich and the Element Church are on the right path for accomplishing the task of Matthew 28:18-20.  I also believe that if a church is able to influence the community with a passion derived from the heart of Christ, then it will make a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God.

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