Monday, November 14, 2011

Suiting Up for a Job

        In a recent class, we discussed on a tangent some helpful tools and strategies that can be used for the preparation and execution of finding a job.  It’s no secret; there are people of this nation who are in desperate need of a job.  Some have training in a particular skill.  Some have acquired degrees in particular fields.  Some have neither, but many are in need of an income.
            Here are a couple tips we received.  Pass them along.
1.       Micro-Market Yourself
Your resume’ is the 1st impression you will give to any employer.  It is critical to make that 1st impression count.  The key here is to “market” yourself to the reader as a valuable commodity.  Be honest, authentic and strategic in everything you say about yourself and your worth.

2.       Hiring Criteria
  When employers are searching to fill a job they examine each candidate based on the following criteria to see if they are the right fit for the job.
a.       Character:  Is this candidate made up of quality character traits that are shown to be of value?
b.       Competency:  Will this candidate be able to perform the tasks that are required for this position?
c.       Chemistry:  Is this candidate someone I would enjoy working with?
In case you are interested in the validity of these tips I can assure you that they have been attained from someone on the “inside”.  :)

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