Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Community Compassion Organization 3

It’s sobering to think about how easy it is for people to become homeless these days.  It’s almost as if losing everything has become a nationwide epidemic without a definite cure.  By the grace of God over my life I have an opportunity to be a part of the solution.

                This is my third and final blog on compassion organizations within particular types of community.  The organization I chose is an outreaching ministry that flows out of my church as well as a few others that target the needs of the homeless.  It is called Kingdom Seekers.  The man I had the privilege of interviewing, Andy, has been a committed representative from my church for a number of years. 
                When the conversation began, Andy made it very clear that “this organization is not a homeless ministry…it’s Kingdom Seekers.”  This set the tone for the interview because it removed any predispositions I may have had about how a homeless ministry operates.

                Andy proceeded to share with me the way in which Kingdom Seekers goes about their ministry.  On a typical Saturday there is a group effort of 5-6 churches in the community pitching in to provide a setting that is warm, inviting and engaging.  Attendees first walk into this atmosphere and are lvingly greeted and offered coffee if they so desire.  After a while, everyone sits down for a short church service.  They are introduced to worship, personal testimonies, and then a message of truth from scripture.  Following the abbreviated service, attendees are blessed with a meal that is made with love and excellence.  Andy concluded that “the purpose of this ministry is not only to provide their need for physical food, but to provide their need for spiritual food as well.”  

As we wrapped up the interview I asked Andy one last question.  I asked “What impacts you the most about serving in this ministry?” With tears in his eyes he replied honestly and said “It could be me.  I’m grateful that I can be the one to serve instead of the one being served.  I keep that very fresh in my mind.”
                It is evident that this ministry of Kingdom Seekers is motivated by the heart of Jesus Christ.  Their mission statement sums it all up and reads, “The heart of the Lord is to help those in need.  We hope that through this outreach our guests become convinced of the Father’s love for them.”

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