Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hope 4 Philly

               Check this out.  The city of Brotherly Love is being impacted by a love that comes from the heart Christ.  An organization called Hope4Philly is pulling together resources within the surrounding region of Philadelphia for one purpose; “to bring hope and healing to the at-risk families and communities in our region”. 

                For the past couple of years, Hope4Philly has teamed up with churches, organizations and other community leaders with an intentional approach that aims to make a difference.  Director Jason Tourville is the key man behind the scenes and is responsible for the complete operation of this outreach.  His passion to reflect the heart of Christ is the driving force behind every aspect of this ministry. 

 One of the most compelling aspects that Jason holds as extremely important to this outreach is the need for “follow-up”.  It is one thing to serve people and their needs.  It’s another thing to make an intentional effort to continue the relationship with every person that was served.  For Jason and his team, following-up with the thousands who attend is absolutely vital for this mission.  
As a Philadelphia native, it brings me joy to know that there are people who care to see an improvement in this city and sacrifice anything to see that happen.  I just have to be a part of this.  I hope you see the importance of it as well.  If you do I encourage you to join in the initiative this coming year.  Find out how you can help at

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