Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are you catching what I'm throwing?

Here’s the thing about casting vision.  It’s never a guarantee that what you cast will be caught.  The tricky thing is getting the vision to stick when it is prone to leak. 
As a leader, you are the keeper of the vision.   It is your responsibility to ensure that the vision that has been embedded into your heart makes its way into the hearts of your followers.  Therefore, if the followers aren’t getting the message, then the leader isn’t giving the message effectively.

In order to help people embrace and remember the vision here are 3 techniques necessary to ensure that what you cast will stick.

  1.  Cast it Strategically
A.      Define the problem.  What problem needs to be addressed?  How can we be a vital part in the solution to that problem?
B.      Offer a solution.  Your vision is the solution.
C.       Present them with a reason.  Why must we do this and why we have to do it now

2.        Celebrate it Systemically
A.      Make celebration part of your culture.  Build into the schedule times that are set aside to celebrate the success of your vision.  Celebration puts skin on the vision.  It demonstrates “that’s what we’re talking about”.

  1. Live it Continuously
A.      This provides credibility. Essentially, leading through influence.  It is a demonstration of your willingness to impact.  You can't ask people to do something you are not doing! 
B.      If you lose your passion you'll lose sight of your vision. 

It is proven that the  implementation of these components are the formula to make sure that the vision     you cast will be caught and treasured by those who are catching.

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