Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reach Out With Intent

                In class the other night we had the privilege of listening to a group of men who are currently in the process of planting churches around the country.  After hearing some of their creative and strategic ideas for outreach one thing was evident with all of these men; their church’s mission would encompass a very intentional approach.  

                We were able to pick their brains for a while and as a result we gained some knowledge, insight and wisdom on executing outreaches that make an impact.  Here is what we learned.

         When developing an outreach think strategically

             - Discover what your strengths are and work in that direction.  
             - Attempt to partner with other city events.
             - Don’t compete with the city your church is in, but get involved with what the city is   already doing. 
             - Tie in your outreaches with the community calendar
             - Focus on pasturing the community, not just pasturing the church.
             - Define what “wrecks” you (i.e. poverty, illiteracy) and work to be a part of the solution.   

                The most important piece of advice that I acquired from these men was to ensure that the foundational purpose of planting a church is to have an intentional mindset of spreading the love of Christ.  This has proven to be a formula for success.

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