Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assimilating Church Growth

             In our last class we had a visit from the Pastor of Assimilation at Glad Tidings Church in Reading, PA. Courtney Goode had served faithfully for a couple years as a secretary in her church knowing that her calling was as a pastor.  Her role now is focused on assimilating people into the church.  I have to admit, her demeanor and attitude towards her position was astounding.  She seemed like the perfect fit for that position.

             Pastor of Assimilation is still a new thing to me.  I’ve only heard of the position a couple of times.  However, after listening to Courtney express her passion, purpose and strategy for integrating and blending people into the church body, I have come to realize the importance of such a position.  

            It was evident that her heart’s desire was not focused on just “getting more people”, but instead about making people feel welcomed, included and valued. I believe this is clearly an example of Christ’s heart for the church.  Partly due to her hard and dedicated work, Glad Tidings faces an exciting and I’m sure welcomed challenge.  They are growing as a church more and more.  Lives have been so radically changed and as a result they are inviting others.  Now it’s time for Glad Tidings to find a way to facilitate such a rapid growth into the body of Christ. 

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