Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conflict Resolution

                Encountering conflict in life is guarantee.  Resolving the conflict in a positive manner is not always a guarantee.   Our guest in class last week was Coach Sam Ferenia.  Here are some of my thoughts from this class.

                  Most of the time we defer in the face of conflict or avoid the encounter all together, but these actions do not result in a positively resolved conflict.  There are other times when our initial reaction and response to a conflict tends to make the situation worse than before.

                How can we deal with conflict in a way that can be constructive rather than destructive?  Every conflict is an opportunity to develop as a person.  It is your decision whether or not to work towards a resolution that helps each of the parties involved or makes things worse. 

Sam shared four points to help us when faced with conflict that will prove to be effective on both sides.
“The idea is to turn conflict into positives instead of negatives.”

1)      Perspective Taking
2)      Create Solutions
3)      Express Emotions
4)      Reaching Out
                The best piece of advice I received was learning how to be an effective listener.  He taught us how to listen strategically, always considering the other persons perspective and try to understand where they are coming from.

                I learned a lot of valuable information  in this class that will be incredibly useful going forward in life and in ministry.

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