Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Church Planting Assesment

Last week we experienced what it would be like in a church planting assesment interview.  It was quite extensive.  Difficult questions were asked in order to help the interviewer get a clear picture of the capacity this person would have to lead a church.  Though it was not easy to think on the spot of past experiences that have led a person up to a certain point, I noticed how vital these questions are to have been answered truthfully.  Without a clear understanding of the potential church planters abilities, it would be impossible and unfair to throw them into a situation they would be unable to handle.

                This assessment covered 13 areas in which a church planter would need to have shown a high level of competence and capacity.  Everything from motivation to minister, to relationship building, to personal resilience.  The one interesting pointer we were given was to avoid using the word “we” and to substitute it with “I”.  This was difficult, especially for a class of potential ministers who strive for humility.  The purpose for this was so the interviewer could get a good grasp on the individual achievements and personal situations that the person may have encountered.

                It was very useful information

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